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"Since graduating I've tried to pass any and every opportunity along that I see at Schwab to people within the brotherhood"

Graduated : May 2016

Project Services

Charles Schwab 

Meet Liz Benz, an alum with a contagious smile who was once deemed the mom of the fraternity.

She graduated from CU in May of 2016 from Leeds with a double emphasis in operations and information management. Today, she is living in downtown Denver working at Charles Schwab. She works in project services and coordinates with teams across the firms to help provide business solutions to better aid clients.

Her words of wisdom: "We are human beings; not human doers. Never treat someone like a machine on your path to success and remember to always remain humble, gracious and generous. How you treat people and how you make others feel will take you further than you think!"


"Akpsi helped me professionally by surrounding me with like minded individuals looking to better themselves and make an impact in their industry "

Graduated : May 2017

Financial Advisor

Northwestern Mutual

This alum is highly motivated, ambitious and will do what it takes to be successful, meet Blake Weeks. 

"The first day I was a pledge, I was walking through the halls of KOBL and I knew so many people and and I could tell I was apart of something much bigger than myself. I knew I had made the right decision to join AKPsi."

He graduated in May 2017 with an emphasis in finance. Today, he is continuing to expand his practice as a financial advisor with Northwestern Mutual. 

"Don't let college be the best 4 years of your life. Take advantage of what's at your fingertips, network your ass off, and put yourself in position to make the rest of your life amazing."


"I know that as I continue to progress in my career, I will keep coming back to this group of people for collaboration, energy, advice and definitely for laughs when things get stressful! "

Graduated : May 2013

Bain & Company

Meet Emily Booth, an extremely driven and dedicated alum who was a member of AKPi for 10 semesters and served as President of the GZ chapter. She graduated in 2013 with a BS/MS in accounting. 

"The friendships and mentorships I built are incredibly strong. Still to this day, my best friends, the individuals in my peer group whom I look to for inspiration, and some of my mentors are all from AKPsi. "

She began her career in the accounting industry at the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) working on the issuance of a new revenue recognition standard. Since then she has taken a different career path and works at Bain & Company, a consulting firm in Chicago where she focuses her efforts on gender parity. She develops strategies to determine how to get more women into senior leadership roles, both at Bain, and in the workplace more broadly. She is moving to Palo Alto in the fall to pursue her MBA at Stanford Graduate School of Business (but she says first and foremost, "go Buffs!").